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5519A POMONA Replacement DMM test probe set

5519A POMONA Replacement DMM test probe set


 The Pomona 5519A Test lead set is IEC 1010 Compliant


· Designed for Fluke, H-P, Tektronix and Wavetek DMM’s with a safety style of sheathed banana jack.
· Probe body incorporates a two step mold process. First step is Polypropylene for probe rigidity. Second
step is Santoprene® rubber for handling comfort, added insulation protection and wire strain relief.
· Probe test leads are designed with over-voltage spike protection of up to 6kV.
· Probe body inner insulation is fire retardant Polypropylene for added safety.
· Probe body and banana plug are molded directly to the wire for robust pull strength.
· Wire is a high strand count silicone wire for extreme flexibility and high temperature resistance.
· Banana plug spring is nickel plated Beryllium Copper for long insertion life.
· UL Rated test accessory

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