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ACD-45PQ AMPROBE 600A Clampmeter, Power Quality

ACD-45PQ AMPROBE 600A Clampmeter, Power Quality



• Current, voltage and resistance measurement
• Acoustic continuity test
• Frequency measurement
• Measurement of apparent, reactive and effective power
• Measurement of the power factor cos ϕ
• Peak value measurement
Product Information
• AutoVA - Automatic selection of AC voltage, DC voltage or AC current
• Measurement in asymmetrical three-phase networks 
• Calculation of the individual load powers
• Automatic measuring range selection
• Integrated measurement memory (Data Hold)
• Large clear display with background light
• Clamp opening 26 mm
• Auto-Power-Off
Product Highlights
• Real effective value measurement (TRMS)
• Interface for software connection
• Software optional (USB-KIT2)