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AT-3500 AMPROBE Cable Avoidance Tool

AT-3500 AMPROBE Cable Avoidance Tool


• Locates underground wires, cables and pipes
• Simplified tracking feature allows localization of tap or pipe damage
• Determine the location, depth and orientation of metallic wires
• Optical and acoustic indicator

Product information
• Ready for use with transmitter, receiver and test accessories

• Three testing modes available for best accuracy:
- Passive power
- Passive radio
- Active with signal generator
• Transmitter with voltage proof output
• Extensive accessories available

Product highlights
• Large display with easy menu and backlight function
• Rugged design for use in bad weather and harsh environments

Contents: 1 R-3500 Receiver, 1 T-3500 Transmitter, 1 User Manual, 2 Test Leads, 2 Crocodile Clips, 1 Earth Stake, 10 Batteries 1.5V R6/AA/Mignon, 6 Batteries 1.5V R20/D/Mono, 1 Robust Carrying Case.