IC Clips

IC Clips are uniquely designed to provide you with innovative solutions for testing surface-mounted devices and evaluating custom circuit designs. These IC test clips are very easy for everyone to understand and use, they are secure to use and give successful results. Whether they're designed to slip onto the most densely populated boards, attach to the latest low-profile fine-pitch chips, or lock onto chips mounted on vertical boards, each Test Clip uses the finest quality materials and stringent manufacturing standards. They are different IC kits for each different project you need them for so you have to make sure you buy the right kind. You can get digital IC testers that can locate intermittent and temperature related faults by using its unconditional or conditional loop testing modes. Unknown device identification is easily accomplished by selecting search from the menu, selecting the number of pins on the device and activating Search Mode. As part of the IC test, the specific IC number, the functional description of the device, and the status of faulty pins are scrolled through on the built-in display, therefore it is highly easy to use, and understand.

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