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KMP7010 ROBIN AMPROBE Ground Resistance Tester

KMP7010 ROBIN AMPROBE Ground Resistance Tester


 A properly functioning grounding system is a critical safety feature of an electrical system. It is used to mitigate the risk when exposed metal parts come in contact with dangerous voltages in the event an installation fails. The building structures are protected by grounding systems to divert energy of lightning strikes straight to ground. Connections to ground limit the build-up of static electricity when handling flammable products or when repairing electronic devices.

Robin-Amprobe Ground Resistance Testers are designed to measure resistance of the grounding systems to verify that the system has low enough resistance to provide protection for people, equipment and structures.
·         Measures earth ground resistance - 3 point (fall of potential) or 2 point tests
·         Voltage measurement prevents false measurements
·         Test leads, auxiliary electrodes are included for a complete instrument
·         Data hold
·         Large, backlit display
·         Built-in memory to store 20 measurements
·         Designed to allow testing to BS7671 IEE 17th Edition regulations
·         Low battery indication
·         Safety CAT III 400V

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