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KMP7100 ROBIN AMPROBE Dual Function Loop / RCD Tester

KMP7100 ROBIN AMPROBE Dual Function Loop / RCD Tester


 Properly working grounding system and active protection are a “must have” to assure safety of people, the electrical systems and buildings. Robin-Amprobe KMP7100 is a dual function installation

tester designed to check if ground resistance and RCD provide sufficient protection.
Loop Functions:
·         Non trip loop test on passive RCDs
·         Fast testing
·         20, 200 & 2000Ω loop measurement ranges
·         PSC measurement up to 20kA
·         Displays mains voltage before test
·         Instant correct wiring status check
RCD Functions:
·         Three levels of trip currents (X1/2, X1, X5) for complete range of testing applications
·         Phase switch selection 0° and 180° for positive and negative
·         semi-cycle testing
·         RCD Half-Wave (DC) test.
·         Auto RCD test
·         Selectable 25V/50V fault voltage for RCD test
·         Designed to allow testing to BS7671 IEE 17th Edition regulations
·         Displays mains voltage before test
·         “Test lock” for automatic start test when connected to circuit
·         Dual measurement result display - primary display for
·         RCD/Loop measurement, secondary display for circuit voltage
·         Built-in Volt meter
·         Large, backlit display
·         Low battery indication
·         Safety CAT III 300V

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