Fluke Product Release - FLUKE Thermal Imagers



Find it, Fix it, Fast!                                  

Temperature changes can indicate problems in many areas              you see everyday, some include:

  • Inside electrical distribution and service (Switch gear, panels, controls, fuses, transformers, receptacles, lighting, conductors, bus bars, motor control centers)
  • Motors, Pumps and mechanical (Electric motors and generators, pumps, compressors, evaporators, bearings, couplings, gearboxes, gaskets/seals, belts, rollers, disconnects)
  • Process (Tanks and vessels, pipes, valves and traps, reactors,process insulation)
  • HVAC/R (air conditioning, heating, air handlers, refrigeration)
  • Outside electrical distribution - utilities (Transformers, bushings, insulators, transmission lines, other exterior conductors, service connections, disconnects, capacitor banks)


IR-Fusion Technology: Infrared and visual images fused together in one image

See things both ways - Infra-red and Visual (visible light) images fused together communicating critical information faster and easier - traditional infra-red images are no longer enough. Patented IR-Fusion technology, only available from Fluke, simultaneously captures a digital photo and the infra-red image and fuses them together taking the mystery out of IR image analysis.



SmartView Software

Fluke SmartView software is included with each Fluke Thermal Imager.  This powerful software is a modular suite of tools that annotates, views, edits and analyzes IR images.  It also generates fully customizable and professional looking reports in a few easy steps. The IR-Fusion technology is fully supported.



FREE webinars/webcasts on Thermal Imaging

Keep up-to-date on the latest troubleshooting techniques. Attend a FREE Fluke webinar (web-based seminar) about thermal imaging applications.  Go to www.fluke.eu/ti for more information.


Thermal Imaging application video

This video covers the principles of thermal imaging and looks at using this powerful troubleshooting technology in electrical, electro-mechanical and process control applications.  Go to www.fluke.co.uk or www.fluke.eu/ti to see the video.


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