Fluke Product Update - Changes to regulation EN-IEC61010-031




Fluke Product Update

Important changes to regulation EN/IEC61010-031

EN/IEC61010-031 is the most important safety regulation for electrical test accessories.  This rule was recently updated; new standards go into effect March 1, 2011. 


New regulation summary

·         Test leads must either have a wear indicator or the cable must fulfill the double insulation requirements.

·         Test probe bare metal tip length is limited to a maximum of 4 mm in measurement categories CAT III and CAT IV and 19 mm in measurement category CAT II

·         When test clips with measurement categories CAT II, CAT III, and CAT IV are closed, it must not be possible to touch any live parts.


Fluke’s commitment to safety, quality and performance

Safety is Fluke’s top priority.  Fluke has developed new products and innovations to ensure our users have the tools they need to do their jobs safely; the result: a family of test leads, probes and clips that:

·         Meet and exceed the new safety regulations

·         Live up to Fluke’s reputation for ruggedness and durability

·         Provide the user with the best possible measurement solution


Fluke’s solution to comply with IEC regulations

Fluke is meeting EN/IEC61010-031 requirements by:

·         Offering new products and new kit combinations

·         Modifying the design of existing test accessories in order to maintain current CAT ratings

·         Selectively adjusting CAT ratings to match existing products to the correct measurement category per local regulation

·         Creating new, unique SKUs so existing products (with existing CAT ratings) can be sold in accordance with local regulation

·         Ensuring that all digital multimeters, electrical testers, clamp meters, scope meters and other electronic test tools ship with compliant accessories.