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SMD1NL - CHIPQUIK SMD Removal Kit (Lead Free)

SMD1NL - CHIPQUIK SMD Removal Kit (Lead Free)


 SMD Removal Kit, Flux in 1cc Syringe

Lead-Free Removal Alloy, alcohol pads,

Removes 8-10 SMD ’s

RoHS Compliant


The traditional circuit board that we know has always used an alloy of 63%Tin/37%Lead, with a melting temperature of 361°F (183°C).The electronics industry is now going through some major changes. A new era of lead-free alloy is already in progress. Soon manufacturers, technicians, engineers and all related electronic industries will be required to face the new lead-free challenge. Most manufactures are already making the transition to lead-free circuit boards ever since the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), mandated that all products sold in Europe after July 1, 2006 will be free of lead. This move has put pressure on the commercial electronics market to use lead-free circuit boards world wide. In order for OEM's and Circuit Board Manufacturers to remain in the world market, they must comply with the new no-lead requirements. We are now in the count down period as lead free circuit boards are already starting to appear on the work bench. This new standard also requires that individual circuit component leads are all tinned without lead. As you can see this major change will affect the entire global supply chain. The worldwide industry drive towards "Green" electronic products is building momentum.

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