Test Supplies

Test Supplies can be made for many different occasions you can get electrical testers, installation testers, machinery testers, power quality testers, cable testers and digital testers. Electrical testers work by the optical and acoustic detection of AC Voltages. These tests can supply fast and accurate detection of cable breaks open-ended cables. Practical electronics engineering and assembly requires the use of many different kinds of electronic test equipment ranging from the very simple and inexpensive such as a test light consisting of just a light bulb and a test lead to extremely complex and sophisticated such as Automatic Test Equipment. Generally, more advanced test gear is necessary when developing circuits and systems than is needed when doing production testing or when troubleshooting existing production units in the field. The addition of a high-speed switching system to a test systemís configuration allows for faster, more cost-effective testing of multiple devices, and is designed to reduce both test errors and costs. Designing a test systemís switching configuration requires an understanding of the signals to be switched and the tests to be performed, as well as the switching hardware form factors available.

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