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Test Clips and Associated Leads

IC Test Clips are great for prototyping, production, field service, test and memory programming/ re-programming of Integrated Circuits (ICs) allowing equipment and programmers to communicate with the IC without the need to remove the chip from the circuit.  The Test Clip mounts and secures over the top of the IC making contact with its legs to allow you to connect leads or probes to the clip to conduct your tests or programming.  They are suitable for surface mount or DIl packages and have small footprints so that they can connect to hard to access ICs even on a cramped PCB.

We stock a wide range of test clips for Dual In Line (DIL) Package (DIP), Small Outline IC (SOIC) and Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) ICs as well as associated leads for you to be able to make appropriate connection between the IC and your test/ programming equipment.

We also stock a wide range of IC sockets and adapters to assist in IC mounting, component testing and programming.