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PLCC Test Clips

Designed for testing surface mounted Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier (PLCC) style Integrated Circuits (ICs).

The AP Products version features a unique action wedge design with all four sides opening simultaneously provides a faster and easier attachment to the PLCC.  The helical compression spring and insulating contact combs insure integrity in contact when testing. Our narrow body design allows components to be tested with as little as 2.54 mm (0.1") lead-to-lead spacing, side stackable at 0.200" lead to-lead spacing. Probe access points are immediately visible for fast and safe individual lead testing, while staggered contact rows on 0.100" centers allow for easy probe attachment and help prevent accidental shorting of adjacent probes, Industry standard 0.635 mm square contact pins permit easy attachment of female socket connectors or hook/ grabber style test probes.

The Pomona version features a patented lock-on design which attaches directly to the surface mounted IC and provides hands-free access to all of the chip leads.  It has gold plated upper contacts to ensure noise free, low resistance connections.  Gold plated lower contacts also ensure the best connection to chip leads. It also uses standard .025 square pins, staggered to use the least amount of space, will accept 0.025 sq contact receptacles, soldered wires or hook/ grabber style test connectors.